ProjectMZ2, Future Jacks Adventure Updates & Ruby Details!

Hello Jacktopians! How are you all? Holiday season is in full swing, we hope you're all staying safe! So, I bet you have all noticed the lack of updates on Jacks Adventure by now, and the team would like to address that directly. As you may or may not know, our Halloween event was canceled this year, as well as any of our November events, and we're still looking into a small Christmas event in December. The reason for this…...
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Summer Bash Pre-Party Preparations

Hey Jacktopians!It's been awhile since the team has made a blog post, so what better way than to give a little more information about Jacks Adventure's biggest update to date?! That's right, the Summer Bash is more than a fun way to celebrate the warm weather and swimming. (lots and lots of swimming!)The Summer Bash will introduce a new swimming mechanic, and will open a couple new rooms to Jacktopians! In addition to that, a new character will join us…...
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The Blog is live!

Hello Jacktopians!Welcome to our new blog, here you'll be able to get the latest news on what's happening in Jacktopia, all big announcements will also be posted here on the blog... say like a beta? Haha, little joke there... unless...?This post was just to introduce the blog to all Jacktopians, we worked hard to make this as appealing as possible, if you have any feedback, please leave it for us in the comments below!Also, if you have yet to check…...
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