Hey Jacktopians!

It’s been awhile since the team has made a blog post, so what better way than to give a little more information about Jacks Adventure’s biggest update to date?! That’s right, the Summer Bash is more than a fun way to celebrate the warm weather and swimming. (lots and lots of swimming!)

The Summer Bash will introduce a new swimming mechanic, and will open a couple new rooms to Jacktopians! In addition to that, a new character will join us on Jacktopia for the festivities, Sally, Neckbeards sister!

In other news, it seems due to the unusually warm weather Neckbeard has unfrozen atop of the mountains. He will be able to join us on Jacktopia alongside Sally for the festivities! I bet he cannot wait to share tales of what he saw up there.

I know this blog post was rather short, but we just wanted to give you a little preview into what’s coming to Jacks Adventure, we have many more plans as well and hope you’ll stick with us as we slowly work to get them done. We don’t have an exact release date of the Summer Bash, but when we do, you all will be the first to know! Below you’ll find some sneak peeks for the Summer Bash, let us know what you think! Also, why do you think we’re just hearing from Sally now? What do you make of the unusually warm weather, and what do you think the new rooms will be? Let us know below, or on our various social medias! We’re most active on Twitter, and we have an active Discord community! (Discord and Twitter are for those aged 13+, please be safe online!)


He’s not squidding around!
Look at this flag, woah!

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