Hello Jacktopians!

How are you all? Holiday season is in full swing, we hope you’re all staying safe! So, I bet you have all noticed the lack of updates on Jacks Adventure by now, and the team would like to address that directly. As you may or may not know, our Halloween event was canceled this year, as well as any of our November events, and we’re still looking into a small Christmas event in December. The reason for this is, the team has now split into two different teams, one for Jacks Adventure, and one for our brand new, more modern, advanced game based on Jacks Adventure, right now the working title is ProjectMZ2.

With that, we’d like to announce that besides December, Jacks Adventure will no longer receive updates besides security updates in 2021. Jacks Adventure will still be available for everyone to play for the foreseeable future. Once ProjectMZ2 releases, the plan is to close Jacks Adventure and it’s server for the time being in favor of ProjectMZ2.

Now in regards to ProjectMZ2, I can’t give you too many details on it, but it will be A HUGE step up. ProjectMZ2 is being created in Unity2D to be released on PC/Mac, iOS & Android, and on the web! Supported browsers will include Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. At launch, we will have the following:

  • A clothing customizer to design your own clothes based on blueprints.
  • A cave to mine rubies.
  • Each user will be given a sash for patches, think of like boy/girl scouts.
  • A daily login reward
  • A quest system that will allow you to go at it solo or with your friends
  • More mini-games, new info on those in the coming months
  • and, much more!

We hope you enjoyed this small look into rubies and ProjectMZ2. We’ll have a much more detailed analysis for you at another time!

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