Hello Jacktopians!

As of writing, we are 11 days away from beta, Jacktopia will FINALLY open for all of you to join, the team is hard at work squashing last-minute bugs and finishing up some last-minute things. Not to worry, we’re still on schedule, no delays! We’ll be ready!

Now, we do need all of our users to know some important information about beta.

First, this is a beta, and as refined as the game will be, we might still have some bugs. If you find any at anytime, we’d love to hear about it, you can Direct Message us on Twitter or comment here on the blog so we can fix it.

Second, Dorian and myself (Ninjaoninja2) we’ll both be on for the launch. The rest of the team, will be on throughout various times of the day, if you see them don’t forget to say hi! We don’t bite! Also, a friendly reminder, beta will last only 1 WEEK! So make sure to get on, and join us, to receive the two beta items and party up with the team!

Earlier this week, I teased a potential sneak peek in our Discord, but instead of a sneak peek, the team has decided to let you all in on a secret during beta.

Jack AND Jill will be roaming for about the first 2 WEEKS, so make sure if you want to meet them, you stay tuned for our meetup schedule, and keep an eye out for them, because you never know when one of them might pop up!

We sure are Jill! Don’t forget, January 17th, set those calendars!

Thank you ALL, The Jacks Adventure Team.

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